Thursday, June 4, 2009

Marietta Diner

From the same folks who bring us Pasta Bella, Cherokee Cattle Co. and Marietta Fish Market comes the Marietta Diner.

I will not pretend to introduce you to this now famous landmark of the Metro Atlanta dining community. The shiny chrome edifice and the 1950's design and decor are well known in these parts.

Having already tried the Cherokee Cattle Co., I have made it a goal to eat at all four establishments in this collection of eateries. To my delight, today was the day to try the Diner.

True to its roots, the Diner boasts a menu loaded with comfort foods, local fare, breakfasts (they are open 24/7) and desserts aplenty. Lunch specials can be purchased for less than $10, and come complete with soup and bread. Dinner prices range from $10 -20 or so.

I ordered Country Fried Steak with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (I know, I should have ordered a green vegetable), and split pea soup. Phyllis ordered the Tilapia, zucchini and cream of potato soup. The tilapia comes on a bed of angel hair pasta with capers and a cream sauce.

We spied on a couple of other tables and our decisions were hard to make. We saw a beautiful Tuna Salad come out along with some oversized burger plates and huge desserts. The cheesecake serving we saw come out was at least four inches tall and six inches deep.

If you are traveling through Marietta, make the stop. If you live here, and have not tried the place, SLAP YOURSELF and GET IN YOUR CAR.

Visit the Marietta Diner at 306 Cobb Parkway S in Marietta, Ga.

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foodnearsnellville said...

I'm glad to see this reviewed. When I first came into town, I was staying at a weekly hotel equidistant from this place and the Big Chicken.

*Gasp* Does that mean a review of the Big Chicken is forthcoming!? (hoping..)

Anyway, best of luck with this. Are you going to be reviewing other diners in the near future?