Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vote to Get Them Noticed

As many of you know, I link my restaurant entries to their corresponding web pages on the UrbanSpoon website.

UrbanSpoon offers a service to restaurant patrons, enabling them to see what other patrons and critics think about specific restaurants.

In the upper right hand corner of each restaurant page, visitors are given the opportunity to "Like" or "Don't Like" that establishment. UrbanSpoon goes on to rank restaurants in order of popularity based on the visitors' votes.

UrbanSpoon provides a list of the top 100 restaurants in a given metropolitan area, or in some cases by state. Travelers and those who plan ahead can then peruse that list and predetermine what restaurant they might like to try.

The inherent problem is this: the list is only 100 restaurants long, and in a large area, like Atlanta, for instance, there can be many more than 100 worthwhile restaurants.

The solution is a two step process. One, familiarize more patrons with the UrbanSpoon setup. Two, get restauranteurs to put an UrbanSpoon "Vote For Me" link on their websites.

This blog entry is an attempt to satisfy step one. In response to some Facebook followers' requests, I am going to show some links (just click on the UrbanSpoon square that follows each entry) for a portion of the restaurants close to my home that have reviews posted on UrbanSpoon. From there, the reader can explore other restaurants simply by using the search feature on the UrbanSpoon page.

Here we go:

Acworth Area:

Daddy's Country Kitchen
4525 S Main St
Daddy's Country Kitchen on Urbanspoon

A small, unassuming building in the SaveALot shopping center, Daddy's provides home cooking on the buffet. The price is very reasonable, and this hole in the wall is very down to earth.

Fish Head Grille
4220 S Main St
Fish Head Grille on Urbanspoon

This oyster bar type restaurant has been an Acworth mainstay for years. It has a loyal clientele, and a very high approval rating.

Fusco's via Roma
4815 S Main St
Fusco's Via Roma on Urbanspoon

An excerpt from a prior post:
"Using the freshest of seafood and organic beef, the chef ensnares me with the aromas of an Italian kitchen with roots that are generations deep. The dining room, dark and romantic with lighting in just the right places, uses the gutted out historic building to enhance the mood."

Henry's Louisiana Grill
4835 Main St
Henry's Louisiana Grill on Urbanspoon

An excerpt from a prior post:
"When she (Wendy, my server) came to me, I ordered my bowl of red beans and rice (which I heartily recommend) and cornbread (which is more like dessert). Henry offers a wide variety of Cajun food, including Chicken Oo La La, Shrimp etouffee, and the occasional gator dish (yes, alligator), but I almost always get the red beans and rice. Especially when I have a sinus headache, if you get the picture.

Wendy never let my tea glass get empty, and took time to speak, even though I was alone and there were a few larger groups that she had to attend to."

Hong Kong Star
3451 Cobb Pky NW Ste 9
Hong Kong Star Chinese Cuisine on Urbanspoon

This is one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. The food is very good, and the staff is very attentive. I like the decor, as well as the opportunity to sit and watch the kitchen staff as they entertain us with their culinary skills.

Johnny's New York Style Pizza
3451 Cobb Pkwy NW Ste 1
Johnny's New York Style Pizza on Urbanspoon

I really enjoy the pizza here, and the atmosphere is that of a authentic northeast pizza joint. Bring the whole family, watch the ballgame, drink your favorite beverage and eat a good pie.

Mexico Tipico
4417 S Main St
Mexico Tipico Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Another Acworth mainstay, this restaurant has avid, loyal patrons. I came here until I moved closer to their second location. Great chicken with rice and fresh veggies!

Miss Ls Sandwich Shop
4817 S Main St
Miss Ls Sandwich Shop on Urbanspoon

Set in the quaint shopping arena of downtown Acworth, Miss Ls has the air of an old time tea and sandwich shop. Good sandwiches at a decent price.

The Old Mill
4271 Southside Drive
The Old Mill on Urbanspoon

The Old Mill is a wonderful place to take someone special without getting the feeling of being bankrupt the day after. A wonderful Surf and Turf style menu and a date friendly decor, complete with subdued lighting and a piano, accompanied by the occasional train passing by.

Prezzano's Pizzeria
3979 S Main St

Prezzano's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

An excerpt from a prior post:
A lot of restaurants have good food. Some have great service. Combine those elements with a mix of positive attitudes and you get a good family restaurant. Prezzano's hit the mark. Good job, Dallas, and good job to your team."

Waterstone Grill
4849 N Main St
Waterstone Grill on Urbanspoon

The reviews have gotten better and better from day one on this restaurant. Situated in a string of good eateries, the competition is fierce. I haven't been, but it is on my wishlist.

Watson's Gulf Coast Seafood
4416 Senator Richard B Russell Sq
Watson's Gulf Coast Seafood on Urbanspoon

This is another on my need to try list. The posted reviews are mixed, but the word of mouth is very good, which is just another reason to list these restaurants.

So any other spots in Acworth come to mind? Let me know. Kennesaw, Cartersville, Woodstock and Marietta to follow.

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