Friday, September 4, 2009

Buckhead Pizza Co

So, it was Thursday night, and Richard Tang was hosting an event at Buckhead Pizza Co. I wanted to go and meet him, and to hopefully network a little bit. I got there late, so I sat off to the side.

The decor was typically Buckhead, very modern, high ceiling, narrow and sleek. The restaurant had one of those sliding glass patio bars behind the indoor bar, for those who smoke or just prefer to be outside.

Chef Sean Kelly watched over the operation as his staff hustled to satisfy the needs of the event-goers and other diners.

I took a peek at the menu. It was impressively full of specialty sandwiches and pies, with the usual obligatory Italian food offerings, and a few locally unique dishes. Given the hour, I ordered pizza.

I judge a pizza three ways. How good is the crust? Is the sauce watery or thick? Are the ingredients bountiful and fresh?

In most cases, I would order something highly traditional, like a combination of meats with a veggie or two, and steer clear of the modern inventions, like BBQ or Margharita. That night, it was late, so nothing too heavy. A personal pepperoni and green olive.

The pie I received had a deceptive crust. It was thin in the body and thick on the edges. This was one of the best doughs I have tasted in a while. The texture of the outer crust was like a really dense Krispy Kreme doughnut. A standard, run of the mill pie with a thick crust would be too chewy and more work than enjoyment. Not true here. I was truly impressed.

The sauce was very good, and not dominant. The cheese was the same. Very tasty, but not overwhelming. The ingredients were plentiful. There wasn't that pool of brownish grease you usually end up with when you order pepperoni, and the olives were crisp and salty, just like I like them.

As for value, this is above the norm, especially for that neighborhood. The personal pie I received was a good bit larger than the usual personal pie. I was satisfied in both content and volume. Look at the menu here. If you take a cheese pizza, and add the ingredients you like, you will come out cheaper than any of the big three.

The service was good, and the atmosphere was comfortable. This place will definitely get a return visit from me.

Pertinent visit info: Off Peachtree even though the address is Peachtree. The parking is free if it takes you less than an hour (get your ticket validated by the restaurant) and you park yourself. There is a free valet service, with suggested tipping.

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