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The Vineyard

The Vineyard

Felicia Prezzano and Tina Sivadon started out with a gift shop on the main floor of this Marietta Square storefront, and later came up with the idea of opening a mall restaurant upstairs. All I can say is Bravo!

... on the way upstairs

These two ladies have transformed this upstairs suite into a charming spot to have a nice relaxing lunch. With bay windows overlooking the square, you can watch the entertainment as the world streams by almost as an invisible bystander. None of the hustle touches you, but the life is in plain view.

View from the entry

If you choose, you can sit further back, away from the view, and concentrate on the conversation at your table. Either way, you will find The Vineyard as comfortable as the dining room in your home. Just take a look at the china. You will swear it is your grandmother's (thanks for that quote, Ann-Marie!).

Tea Press

Ann-Marie Reeder and I went to visit The Vineyard last week. We sat near the window, and shared a nice meal. Ann-Marie had hot tea, served in a French Press, and I got sweet tea with a peach flavor to it.


Ashley was our server. When she was asked to bring us what the restaurant was proud of, she was at a loss. The choices were too great. To start us off, Ashley brought out some appetizers, followed by three salad samplers.

Crab Cakes

For appetizers, we were served Parmesan Spinach Bites and Mini Crab Cakes. Both were delicious. I was partial to the crab cakes, which were about three inches in diameter, crispy on the outside, and meaty but not heavy on the inside.

Orchard Salad

The Orchard Salad (a mixture of mixed greens, pears, roasted asparagus, pine nuts, gorgonzola cheese served with a house apricot vinaigrette dressing), the Greek Pasta Salad and the Sweet Potato Salad. Of these, the nicest surprise was the Sweet Potato Salad. It was a very enjoyable twist on traditional potato salad. The sweetness made it almost like dessert!

Sandwich Tray

Following the salads, Ashley brought out our sandwiches! Eggplant Panini, Classic Harvest, and the Cafe Croissant. I am not a big eggplant fan, but this sandwich was good. The Cafe Croissant had creamy chicken salad with cranberries and almonds. That was almost my top selection, but my favorite of the three was the Classic Harvest, which came with turkey breast, bacon, cheddar and mixed greens with Dijon on raisin walnut bread. Delicious!

Dessert Array

Okay. As if this could get better, Ashley brought out the dessert tray. That thing had a bread pudding (good even to non-bread pudding fans), Bundt Cherry Pound Cake (as good as your mom's), Cinnamon scones (delicious), berry filled cookies (excellent) and an Almost Candy Bar (better than a creamy Reese's, the hit of the tray!).

The Vineyard Cafe offers a variety of menus, from catering to brunch and lunch as well as tea parties. Services include Boxed Lunches, Corporate catering and delivery (with notice). Call them at 678-581-3771 to book your next meeting, party or delivery. To see the menu, visit their website at

Whatever you do, the next lunchtime that you find yourself in Marietta near the Square, you owe it to yourself to try The Vineyard. Give yourself enough time to browse the gift shop!

What our readers say:

Cassandra Buckalew
Just had lunch there. They have the best chicken salad around! Can't wait to read your review.

Shawn Williams
I Love That Place..the Pizza thing is Deliche!

Ann-Marie Reeder
(my Auburn Friend who I had pleasant lunch company with)
I have 2 boys but we will be back! I would like to have a tea party, though! I really liked the mint tea and what it was served in. Very nice :))

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