Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fickle Pickle

I have GOT to go back to this place, and soon!

Just the other day, I met some friends for a casual business lunch at Fickle Pickle in Roswell. This place is a gem. It is carved into an older home, with dining areas occupying what used to be bedrooms and sitting rooms. The hardwood floors are complimented by the dark painted walls, adorned with the artwork of many local artists.

The ordering is done deli-style, complete with the huge menu board and the smiling "what'll you have?". Intelligently, the staff places the Red Velvet Cupcakes front and center just before you get to order.

When ordering, it is important to make sure a serving of fried pickles will be delivered. Unless you have an army with you, get the half serving. The important thing is to get some. The pickles are fried Cajun style with Remoulade sauce, and are a must have!

The menu is full of comfort-food type sandwiches and salads as well as a handful of dinner entrees that look very appealing. The kids are not left out, as the menu gives a wide variety of smaller portioned meals.

One of my friends ordered the Chicken Salad, which is normally offered on a croissant, but she opted to go without the croissant. The Chicken Salad that she got was plenty of food to satisfy an afternoon, especially when coupled with a choice of soup as a side. Fickle Pickle's Chicken Salad is made with hazelnuts, dried cherries, celery and taragon. I almost wish I had ordered it. Almost.

Across from me, my other friend ordered the Roasted Vegetable Sandwich. Served on sourdough bread, the Roasted Vegetable Sandwich comes with portobello mushroom, zucchini and red pepper along with a side order of your choice. Another one I almost wish I'd ordered. Almost.

Finally, my plate. First I'll say it was more food than I needed. Then I will say I am glad. I ordered the Creole Cuban. Smoked ham and turkey, Swiss cheese, Cajun pickles and Creole remoulade sauce on grilled sourdough. I had the potato salad as my side dish. That sandwich was well worth my time and energy, as well as my money.

Cap off all that food with a smart array of dessert treats that include some of the best cookies and cakes I have had in a while, and lunch is complete. All that is missing is a nap.

Friends, chef Andy Badgett has done something special here. he has helped us come back to main street with a gourmet menu in a down-home setting complete with catering and party services. I can't wait to try Fickle Pickle's sibling, Relish!, but that's another review.

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foodnearsnellville said...

"This place is a gem." I could not agree more.

Terrific food photos, btw.