Saturday, July 31, 2010


Lunchtime and I find myself in Buckhead, near the Terminus building. I had eaten a pretty stout breakfast, and I was pressed for time, so I thought I would go light for lunch. If I was not to eat a large portion, my choice needed to be a healthy one.

I stepped into Yogurberry.

There were some pretty low numbers on the Nutrition Facts board.
Twenty five calories per ounce, of which five come from fat! The team there also told me that their yogurt had other health benefits, such as a special ingredient that helps with digestion and weight loss.

That all being understood, I expected a "treat" with little taste. I was wrong. With twenty-two flavors and a myriad of fresh, healthy toppings (as well as the candy toppings), Yogurberry is anything BUT lacking in flavor.

I opted for a Taro/Plain twist with blueberry toppings. My friend JT chose to try a raspberry smoothie with raspberries on top. I am not sure who got the better treat.

Taro is an interesting flavor. Think blueberry with a twist of citrus. Adding the blueberries as a topping was a natural fit, and a delicious accessory.

The health benefits alone make this a good "quick lunch" choice. Yogurberry delivers to points inside the perimeter, and provides free WiFi to its patrons. All this with no preservatives and zero guilt.

If you are looking for a treat, or a delicious dessert, or even a lunchtime substitute, I recommend giving Yogurberry a try!

Yogurberry is located in Atlanta at 3280 Peachtree Rd NE, which is the Terminus Bldg. Parking is free when under two hours (ask for a validation ticket). Step out of the parking garage, go right, and there it is!

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shanthi said...

Its wonderful and lov the click

Pam said...

It all looks great! I'm new here and really like your blog and will follow to see what's next!